The Mount Vernon School District has certificated nurses who are assigned to multiple buildings to oversee health care services. Each nurse is in-building from one to two days a week. In the event you need to speak directly with a nurse, contact the school where your child attends and ask for the day the nurse will be in the building.

Health Screenings
We provide state mandated annual health screenings for students grades kindergarten-5 and seventh, including vision and hearing testing, as well as scoliosis screening for fifth, seventh and ninth grade students.

In cooperation with the Skagit County Health Department, we help implement the free second-grade dental sealant program.

Under Washington state law, all students must present or have on file documentation of their immunization status on or before each child's first day of attendance.

Students may be exempted for medical, philosophical or religious reasons. A medical exemption requires a physician's signature. The signature of a parent or guardian is needed to exempt a student for religious or philosophical reasons.

In order to administer over the counter or prescription medication at school, an Authorization for Administration of Medications at School form must be filled out and signed by both a parent/guardian and a physician/dentist. For the safety of everyone, all medication must be delivered to the school by an adult and needs to be in its original container. This is especially important information to remember if your child should go on an overnight field trip.

Students missing school due to a medical condition can have their Health Care Provider complete the Verification of Medical Condition form. Follow instructions on the form to return the form to the school.